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You’ve bought a home before and you understand intimately what that involves but acting as a first-time home seller, well this is brand new territory! Just as there are bumps and hiccups in buying a home, the same is true when it comes to selling a home.


This is why partnering with your local real estate agent is vital to the process — they’re here to guide and offer their expertise in real estate.


At Deacon Hoover Real Estate Advisors, partnering with Jason E. Horr ushers experience and industry knowledge that won’t compare to any other Western Pennsylvania real estate companies. Take a moment out of the hustle and bustle of preparing your home to be listed and learn smart insider tips to selling your home.


Selling Your Home: What You Should Consider


It’s that time to sell your house, and as a motivated seller, the ultimate outcome is seller your home quickly and with the best offer at hand. Here’s how you can do that!


Be strategic about timing.


While in real estate the prized and most highly regarded wisdom is, location, location, location — and for good reason! However, one of the most overlooked parts of selling a home is a clear strategy on timing.


Timing alone can be the determining factor in how quickly you sell your home and bringing in the most money.


There are certain times of the year where selling your home gives you the advantage, but really the strategy lies with you. What is your timeline? How much time do you have to shop for your new home?


Begin to strategize what you need and piece-by-piece you can begin to prepare yourselves and your home for the market.


Know the costs of selling a home.


You’re selling your home, so you should be acquiring the money, right? Selling a home can have many hidden costs that sellers don’t anticipate.


You have real estate agent commissions to dole out, possible repairs, and closing costs which can end up costing you as much as 10 percent of the selling price.

There are also the costs that can occur if you move into a new home before selling your old one — two mortgages on top of all the little compounding costs such as utilities, taxes, moving costs, storage costs, and HOA fees. This is why strategizing and planning as much as you can, will help you avoid these unforeseen costs.


Stay accommodating.

When it comes to selling your home, you will undoubtedly have to show it. And, as much as this is an inconvenience to you if your home doesn’t have prime times available to be shown (evenings and weekends), there is likely of a chance you’ll have the volume of potential buyers stopping by to see it.  Just remember this too shall pass and be accommodating for potential buyers!


Prepare your home to go on the market.


Maybe the thought of simply putting out a sign in front of your home or listing it online is one of made of dreams because, in all actuality, it’s far more in-depth than this — but keep your precious home selling naivete!


So, what does preparing your home involve?


  • Taking care of any major or minor home repairs
  • Making small updates as needed
  • Finding a seasoned real estate agent
  • Listing your home
  • Staging your home
  • Taking professional photographs
  • Scheduling open houses
  • Keeping your home spotless and in tip-top shape


Navigating selling your home can be confusing and stressful, but with a little research and education, it can be a positive experience. There is still so much to share, so stay tuned for part two!


If you’re looking to sell your Western Pennsylvania home, partner with the best and get a real estate agent who cares about your success! Call today for more information.