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In part one, we disclosed some insider real estate tips to consider for those who are looking to sell their home. In today’s post, we have even more guidance to help you sell your home!


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Selling Your Home?: Additional Considerations


If you’re new to selling a home, the process can be just as bewildering as buying one! But, we’ve worked with a lot of people in the buying and selling processes to rely on the information that is most helpful (the information others wish they had known).


Optimally pricing your home.


Many homeowners want to sell their home but they let things like their emotions get in the way. Perhaps you’ve raised a family in the house and you know every hiding place and nook and cranny where nostalgia oozes. This can make pricing difficult, because to you, your home is priceless.


This is why you hire a real estate expert!


Your listing price is very much like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you have to find a price that’s just right!  When you price your home too high, you have many motivated homebuyers walk away and when it’s too low you have too many people interested!


Setting your home apart.


There are so many homes in the real estate sea, so it’s vital to make your home stand out amongst the rest. This can be in stunning visuals that incorporates home staging and professional photography, right down to the content that is written to describe your dwelling. Encourage the biggest lagoon of potential buyers when you add the extra touches.


Stay open-minded about offers.

Getting a high offer always feels good, and as exciting as it can be, it’s not always the end all, be all.


Contingencies can certainly come into play here — you may get a beautifully high offer on the contingency that the buyer sells their home first. This may then throw a wrench into your selling and moving out timeline, so sometimes another offer may suit you and play to your sanity.

Choosing a real estate agent that you have a good rapport with.

Many times, sellers just go with word of mouth or do a blind search when it comes to selecting the professional who will be selling your home — that’s a lot of faith! What may work for your friends may not work for you, so do yourself a favor, and meet with a couple of real estate agents and choose the one you have a good rapport with.


Ask potential real estate agents the following questions:


  • What is the marketing plan you have for my home?
  • What does your negotiation style look like?
  • How do you advocate for your clients?
  • What does your contract look like?  
  • What does your line of communication look like?
  • Are there any homes you have now that we’d be directly competing with?


Assess your financial situation.


When you’re looking to buy a home having your financial ducks in a row is a must, but what about your finances when you’re preparing to sell?


Knowing your financial situation is just as important in selling your home as it is for buying. Foregoing this may lead to some very interesting surprises, so go into this time knowing about your debt, your income, and any additional expenses you may have in the home selling process — photos, cleaning services, professional stagers, home updates, moving costs, etc.


It may be helpful to connect with a financial advisor or your mortgage lender to know the status of how much you owe on your current home. With this, you can better calculate your asking price and know how much money you can walk away with after all is said and done.


If you’re selling your current home to buy a new one, you’ll definitely want to meet with someone and discuss what you’ll be able to afford and a mortgage that you can qualify for.


Always consider your other expenses such as student loans, credit card debt, and car payments, in addtion to what your savings and retirement look like — ensure that all your financial goals align and that buying a new home makes sense.  

Selling your home can be a stress-free and positive experience as long as you prepare and partner with a reputable real estate agent. Throughout this series, we’ve examined insider tips to help you in selling your home so you can be confident as you pursue the real estate market.

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